Performance Information and Pricing

PERFORMANCE MATERIALS – Complete the form below:
Script – received upon purchase – previews available$30 US
Piano/Vocal score – piano accompaniment with vocal
melody and Director’s Notes
$55 US
Rehearsal tracks – with vocals and accompaniment$25 US
Performance tracks – for those not using band$150 US
Copying fee – this allows you to duplicate the script,
music and tracks for rehearsal purposes
$200 US
Production fee – performance royalties$80 US/show
Contact us for advice, coaching, flipped classroom
dance videos and more!
Creepytown and The Black Hole must be purchased via our publisher: Maverick Musicals

“If only I could find my superpower, then I could join the academy and start my training. If only I could find that special thing. If only…I could fly!”

Sweep – in Supernova
by Mark Bourgeois

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