When a band of lowly Greek fisherpeople discover their village
cloaked in a mystical darkness, they embark on an epic quest
to save the Earth from sinister powers. Enlisting the help of
the “Elemental Gods” this band of Grecian mariners find
themselves in the midst of a Godly battle between good and
evil, light and dark and right and wrong. Legend tells the tale
of the “child of the light,” a half human, half God, and saviour
in these perilous times. Will Greece be saved from this all-
encompassing darkness? Will balance be restored to the
heavens? And will we discover the true identity of the mysterious “child of the light?

BOOK: Mark Bourgeois

LYRICS AND MUSIC:  Mark Bourgeois and Craig Chambers

Complete the form below, or contact madmusicals@gmail.com to inquire about performing this musical!

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