Time Travelling Taxi

Time Travelling Taxi

Time Travelling Taxi is an action packed time travelling “Sci Fi” adventure. Based in the city slum, two street orphans and their crazy professor uncle invent a time machine from recycled trash and computer parts. While transporting it across town on a Taxi they are involved in an accident which triggers the machine and transports them forward in time to the year 2110. In the future they find a world in ruin and waste. They decide they must go back in time and warn people to change their ways. But the evil”Boss” and his sidekicks also have a plan. A plan to control the machine for their own evil ends. And what of the mysterious “Time Reaper” and his riddles and puzzles?

Twisting and turning through the portals of time, our intrepid crew of time travellers  must find a way to save the city, and on their journeys, perhaps save themselves.

A two act 90 minute musical, with an enthralling script and outstanding musical score, Time Travelling Taxi is a fun, moving, comical show with a strong environmental message.

Sample Score Taxi _All_I_Want

Sample Script_Taxi_Act1_Scene1-3

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Please quote requirements in the form below.

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