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When the earth is threatened by the impending impact of a giant supernova, all hopes for humanity are pinned on the Supers Academy, a school for kids with super powers. When rescue plans are thwarted by Dr Strange and his band of evil Rogues, the fate of the world is placed in the hands of the most unlikely of heroes.
Will planet Earth be saved? Or will the dreaded Supernova prevail?


SUPERNOVA tells the story of Sweep and Dig, the janitor and gardener at a special school for superhero kids called “Supers Academy.” Sweep and Dig long to be superheroes but don’t possess any super powers as sung in the emotional duet “If I Could Fly”. When the academy is thrown into chaos by the appearance of a giant supernova – “Is This The End of the World”- Sweep and Dig are thrust into the role of unlikely superheroes, and are thrown into a spiral of chaos as they seek a way to save planet earth.

SUPERNOVA Sample Script ACT 1


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