Try our latest musical offering PHANTASMAGORIA!


In a future dystopian world where dreaming and thinking is outlawed, a lowly grid worker named 3462 falls asleep on the job and passes through the Phantasmagoria into the Land of Dreams. Here a battle rages between the light and the darkness for control of the dreaming. Ate’ the dreaded God of nightmares plots to destroy the last of the dreamers, and so control the dreams of men. Back on Earth agents of “The Grid” are dispersed to apprehend 3462 and his workmates. As the battle rages in the dreamworld, and the real world, 3462 must find a way to defeat the darkness, before the dreams die forever! And what of the mysterious Morpheus, God of Dreams? Will 3462 and his friends finally escape the grid, or will they be trapped in the Phantasmagoria forever.

BOOK, MUSIC & LYRICS Mark Bourgeois

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