The Mad Musicals Team

^ Phantasmagoria

We are a team of music teachers and production staff at a large international school in Bangkok. We write and stage large cast original musicals. Our model for this is quite unique, involving flipped classroom learning and multiple speaking parts. Our casts generally consist of around 220 Upper Elementary students, but our two published shows (Creepytown and The Black Hole) have been performed by many Middle and High Schools and by adult Community Theatre groups. We have many more shows available and are happy to support you in staging these wonderful shows with your group. Contact us and experience the magic of musical theatre from the inside! Complete the form below, or email us at

Contact us for:

  • performing rights for our original musicals
  • backing tracks
  • live band scores
  • flipped classroom dance videos
  • large or small cast possibilities
  • costume and make-up ideas
  • staging ideas
  • technical aspects

All the photography on this site is from NIST International School debut performances of each musical.

^ Droidz

^ Rocktopus
^ The Black Hole (Lost in Space)
^ Supernova

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